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From Loser to Winner

Hi everyone! Thank you for visiting my site! My name is George Bluming and I am a complete loser in playing at casinos. You can wonder why I have created this site. The answer is simple: I really want to learn playing successfully in casino games and I hope to get some help! I’ve made a great research in online casino games and tried to get as much information as possible about different ways of playing casino games. After I analyzed all these materials, I understood, that the most interesting and at the same time the most complicated game is blackjack.

I am sure there are many other players, who have problems with gambling and maybe some of them will be able to find answers here. I used only reliable resources for learning this game, but I know that there are a lot of tips and recommendations, which are still not mentioned here. My site is a place where you can write the tips for me, and I will really appreciate your help! Working together we will be able to understand blackjack and train our skills as well.

It is not a secret that the more you play blackjack, the more you get in result. It is not a game where luck is important, luck roulette or slot machines, it is a game where you can change the result of the round with your own decision and you should always know the best moment to take additional card or stand. Skills are very important, so you need to play a lot to make them better. Do not hesitate and start playing now! Together we can get even more! I tried to make it playing blackjack online at Intertops, but it was very difficult for me to see my mistakes. I believe that I will find a person who will help me to make clear all game details.

We all need our mistakes to be explained not to make them in the next game, so I hope you will help me with my problems and I will do my best to help with yours. Analyzing the mistakes we make we can understand how to act to have more chances to winning. But to understand all that we also need to know the game theory very well.

My prior wish is to learn how to play blackjack or online blackjack, as this game seems to be very complicated and I always lose. No matter where I play - UK online casino, Canadian casino or any other - I simply can't help losing! I know a lot about this game, but when I sit at the table, I forget about everything and make a lot of rash decisions, which make me lose the game. I think that I am lack of practice first of all. I know that there are some ways to beat the dealer, playing blackjack, but I cannot even imagine how to follow one of the blackjack strategies all the time and not to be confused with the numbers of cards. If you know how to help me with this small, but very unpleasant problem – send me a message, please.

Though I am not the best blackjack player, I may assure you, that information at this website is worth your attention, as it was not written by me, but by the best black jack players, who have a lot of experience and want to help players, who just start to play this game. Along with these articles you will find tips and recommendations, given by players who have also spent a lot of time studying and learning this game.

To create this guide I’ve also made use of the blackjack books written by professional gamblers, such as Stanford Wong, Arnold Snyder, Frank Scoblete and others. I hope that once I learn this game in a way to write my own book, but there is so much to be done to make my dream come true!

Guys, I am desperate as my dream is to hit the jackpot to start my life over again! I know a lot of places, where I can do that, but I am sure that I won’t be able to play in a good way. Help me to play at my favorite casinos and I will help you with the information on places, which everyone should try out. is a great site to compare all the online blackjack casinos, as well as others mentioned below. Wait for you response!

So now let us not waste our precious time and make the way we play blackjack perfect! First of all, let’s play free games not to lose a lot of money and very soon we will start play for real cash. I believe that the time we’ve spent learning blackjack will be good for everyone and we will get all we deserve!

Grand Parker
Rank Name US Score Bonus
1. Lucky Red Accept 10 400%
2. Mona Accept 10 400%
3. Rome Accept 10 200%
4. Grand Parker Accept 10 300%
5. ClubUSA Accept 10 100%
6. Sloto'Cash Accept 7 200%
7. Buzzluck Accept 7 100%
8. SlotsPlusUSA Accept 6 200%
9. LasVegasUSA Accept 6 150%

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