Blackjack Game Variations

Blackjack is not an ordinary game of luck. In this case, you cannot rely exclusively on luck to achieve a winning hand. The entire process involves counting the cards, planning and developing strategies. Online casinos, just like brick and mortar ones, include detailed blackjack tables where members can test their skill against a computer, or against a real dealer.


There are multiple Blackjack variations. The most frequent ones are displayed in the following lines.

  • PONTOON: Pontoon Blackjack is supposed to be the game from which the modern Blackjack has originated.
  • BLACKJACK PRO: This form of Blackjack does not allow the players to fold or double. Moreover, there is no possibility to quit or demand additional cards after a fold. Hence, there is no winner in case of a tie.
  • DOUBLE EXPOSURE: This version is also known as Dealer Disclosure, or Face Up 21 because you can see the cards of the dealer. The shortcoming is that it is favouring the dealer. You are allowed to formulate a “split”, but you are not permitted to ask for an additional card once you fold.

There are also some types of Blackjack variants that are quite different from the traditional forms as they include the multiplayer option. Here are the most popular ones:

  • TRIPLE SHOT: This version of Blackjack is more resourceful compared to others, considering that all players get a single card. The player with the highest points wins and enters the second stage of the game.
  • EXTREME 21: Here, all hands coming to 21 points win. While there is no need to draw, players have the option to fold up and split.
  • BLACKJACK SWITCH: This is the type of blackjack where you are allowed to operate with two hands. The benefits of the house lay hidden, making the game more challenging and favorable for the dealer. The main idea is to make the dealer lose by crossing the 21 points limit.

The other forms of Blackjack propose betting on some particular hands:

  • BONUS BLACKJACK: This variant allows you to play with two decks, so there are higher chances of winning.
  • TRIPLE 7S: In this type of Blackjack, the Triple 7 is the most important hand. The amount of the bonus depends on whether the house has or not one or more 7s.
  • MATCH PLAY 21: It is similar to the Triple 7s, with two major difference: the existence of progressive jackpots and the absence of 10s on the board.
  • SUPER FUN 21& SUPER 21: There are only 8 cards used for this blackjack variant, thereby, the player has higher chances of winning.

As it can be seen, each variant of Blackjack comes with certain advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you to decide which one suits your needs best and search for an online casino that includes it in the gambling offer.