Blackjack strategies

To be a smart player you should know some basic strategies, like when to split, give up or double down. You can find relevant examples in the lines below.


If your first two cards have the same value, you can make an additional bet. Each card is turned in a different hand.

You can use this strategy on your starting hand. If you place a similar bet in your next bet, then the trader will know that you are splitting your pairs.As a result, you will receive cards for each hand.

This bet is good for you if you have cards like eights, sixes, or sevens. It is not a good idea to split a hand with tens, or nines.

Double Down:

You can use this blackjack strategy when you get an opening hand of 4 to 7, but also for a total score of 11. You can place an additional bet, and this points out that you want to double down. This bet is perfect when your starting hand’s total is eleven or ten and if the dealer is presenting a weak card (six, five or four).


This strategy will help you save half of your originals bet, and though you will lose the other half, you still receive something. You can use this strategy when you have a very poor hand, and the dealer is close to 21.


The insurance bet can keep your funds safe if the dealer has an Ace. You need to opt for it at the beginning of the game, and it represents half of your original bet.

Tips from Experts:

There are many blackjack tips that you can follow. Here are some vital pieces of advice from experts.

  • You need to set up a bankroll and make sure you do not ruin it. There is no point to impress anybody but to focus on your winnings.
  • Memorize the strategy charts. By following the strategy chart, you can make smart decisions.
  • You should play only when you are calm and can focus on what you are doing. Simply take gambling as a recreational activity and never spend too much time playing the same game because ou can get bored.
  • You should tip the dealer. This is an unspoken rule of brick and mortar casinos.