Blackjack Switch

blackjack-switchIf you play Blackjack, you know how appealing it is to see the hand of your opponent and to wish to lay your hand on one of his cars, as if would bring you close to 21. You can only think how great it would be to “switch cards”. Now, this is a permitted move, but only if you play Blackjack Switch.

This Blackjack variant allows players who have a split hand to exchange cards. So, if, let’s say, for example, you have two hands that look like this: 10-6 & 5-K, you are allowed to convert them in 10-K & 6-5.

Another particularity states that the paying rule is 3:2, unlike the traditional game where it is 1:1. Furthermore, the dealer with 22 points has a push. This means that you need to be very sure when you make a move, in order to maximize your chances of winning.

Method of Playing :

Just like regular Blackjack, the aim of Blackjack switch is to acquire a number of 21 points, or as close as posiible to 21. You are allowed to deal with four face up cards and to swtich them. Other moves allowed are Hit, Stand, Double, or Split.