How to Play Blackjack

Before playing blackjack, it is important to know the blackjack games variations and strategies.

Blackjack – the basics

  1. You have to be aware of the purpose of the game, and you have to be careful to prevent having ablackjack-rules hand with a value higher than 21.
  2. You must know that the queen, jack and king have the same value (10) while the Ace is either 1 or 11.
  3. You can increase the value of your hand by asking for more cards from the dealer.
  4. You need to stop asking for cards when you are close to exceeding 21 points. This is the most important blackjack rule.
  5. You have to notify the dealer as soon as you get 21.

Blackjack – casino rules

  1. All casino tables show the maximum and minimum bet that you are allowed to place and the odds.
  2. You have to search for the most profitable table and join the game if there is an empty seat available.
  3. The most important blackjack rule is to wait for the rest of the players to place their bets, and make a move only after the dealer provided two cards for each player.
  4. It is a smart idea to place an insurance bet if the dealer shows an ace as he can be close to 21. It’s the most common blackjack rule, and can keep you safe from massive losses.
  5. Always ask for another card if you are not close to 21 and think twice if you have Kings and Queens.
  6. Raise a hand when you want another card to let the dealer know your intentions.

Blackjack – the absolute rules

  1. If you have a weak hand, you simply need to quit playing. There are casinos where the blackjack rules state that you can receive half your money back if you place certain insurance bets and stop playing before somebody reaches 21.
  2. According to the blackjack rules you have to notify the dealers with the sentence “I’m out” or “I surrender” when you want out.
  3. If you have a good hand, you are allowed to double the bet, and if you are successful, you double your winnings.
  4. You have to inform the dealer when your wish to double your bet.
  5. When you have two cards with identical value, you can split them in two different bets that will double your chances of winning.
  6. You have to inform the dealer about your intentions and ask for an extra card.