Number of Players: 5 to 8

Objective: to achieve a hand of 21 without exceeding this number

The Rules

From a pack of cards, each player needs to pick a card until somebody draws a jack and is nominated the banker. The dealer distributes one card to each player.

The players need to attain a total of 21 points to win. Each one is responsible for his hand and need to decide whether they need an additional card or not. A player having an ace and a card counting 10 (this card is known as Pontoon) must reveal it to his co-players.

Three rules need to be remembered:

  1. You can choose to stick without receiving an extra card if your hand counts minimum 15 points
  2. You can  purchase a card by increasing your bet, but without exceeding the initial amount
  3. You can twist, meaning that you can request a new card with its face up

The player immediately wins the game if he reveals his cards and it turns out to be a Pontoon. If a player gets two cards of similar value, he can split them.

Things to remember

  • If the dealer wins, he takes the money at stake.
  • If the dealer loses, the opponent receives the betting amount doubled.
  • If the dealer loses to a Pontoon, then he has to pay double the betting amount plus an amount equal to the actual bet.